How Virtual Reality Porn Can Hurt Your Relationship

Pornographic content has been revolutionized in recent years, with photographs being turned into videos then immersive reality in as little as two decades. In fact, it was only a few years ago that those looking to have a little fun would reach under the bed so they could thumb through the pages of a magazine. You didn’t need to put headphones in for it either.

Now, however, you can purchase a virtual reality headset, download VR porn for free, and become immersed in a pornographic scene that seems like you’re involved. It can feel like a dream come true, right? However, you probably need to learn how virtual reality can hurt your relationship.

In a study that was co-authored by Dr. Madeline Balaam, it was shown that virtual reality porn could be more damaging to your relationship than you think. Because it’s such an immersive experience, Dr. Balaam says the watchers could begin to have unrealistic expectations of their lovers, while also starting to challenge the boundaries of what your significant other is comfortable with.

In the VR porn, the stars do what they are told, and you, the viewer, are right there amongst the action. Imagine taking that back to your relationship – trying to dominate your significant other without them being comfortable with it.

In the study, men were also 160 percent more likely to download VR porn to watch than women, while also enjoying the experience far more.

While there are many ways virtual reality porn can hurt your relationship, it’s clear to see it’s here to stay. Most VR users watch 11 videos on average per day, while the entire VR porn video industry has seen a 250 percent increase in as little as 12 months. Before long, it’s going to be commonplace in any porn watcher’s repertoire of material.

Dangers with Sexual Fantasies

You would also be surprised at how many people have sexual fantasies and fetishes – some they are happy to tell other people about, and some that would get them locked up in prison. The downside of virtual reality porn is it offers a real-life view of how enacting out those fetishes would be. Then, it has the potential to lead to them carrying them out because they now have a taste for what “reality” would be like.


Alter Reality

What porn stars do, or look like they are doing in videos, is often not entirely possible in real life. In some cases, if it is possible, it can be damaging or painful and more often than not it’s clever camera angles. If you see this happening in VR porn movies and videos you find online; you may be inclined to try it at home with devasting consequences.


Virtual reality porn can be exciting, exhilarating and innovative, but it can also hurt your relationship in more ways than one. If you’re thinking about investing in a headset to jump on the bandwagon, it might be time to think again.