If you have been a fan of the Apple for years and you are switching from iPhone to Android, then you should keep scrolling to read everything you need to know that will make the transition smoother.


First Things First

The first thing you need to know is that every mobile manufacturer be it Samsung or LG has its user interface that sets it apart from other manufacturers. So, if you have seen an S8 before (maybe your girlfriend has one) and you are trying Pixel 2 now, be ready for some differences.

Disable iMessage

As iMessage doesn’t work on Android smartphones, you need to disable it before making the switch. You should also turn off FaceTime.

Be Prepared to Buy the Apps Again

It is a fact that the App Store and Google Play are different entities. So, the apps you paid for an iPhone won’t be accessible to you when you switch to Android. You will need to repurchase them. Also, remember that if you have subscribed to a service like Spotify or Evernote you don’t need to install it again. Just sign in with your Android phone and enjoy it again.

Re-Sync Everything

When you set up your android phone, you need to set up a new Google account and get access to Google apps like Docs, Gmail, Drive, Contacts, etc. Then you should sync some of your iCloud content with the Google account to save yourself from entering all the dates, contacts, etc. manually. When you move to Android, you are allowed to bring your Contacts, Calendars, Documents, Photos and even Manufacturer tools with you. Try useful tools like Samsung Smart Switch, LG Bridge or Pixel Switch to make the switch easier on you.

Always Remember

In essence, it can be seen that switching from iPhone to Android is not as difficult as you think. The effort required on your part is minimal if you follow the steps mentioned above and be smart. You should also remember that though the Android phone will need some getting used to that may last from a few hours to a few days, you will surely love it as its highly customizable. An android phone performs the same functions that you want from any smartphone, messaging, making calls, playing games, downloading different apps and surfing the internet among other things.

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